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About CEP

 The Center for Engineering and Planning (CEP) was established to meet the growing need for a professionally competent consulting firm to provide planning and engineering services for the developmental activities of municipalities, village councils and committees, and public and private institutions and organizations in Palestine.

Since its establishment in 1984 CEP has been involved in a large number of projects both in Palestine’s inland region (West Bank) and coastal region (Gaza Strip) in the areas of socioeconomic studies, town and regional planning, housing, architecture and building engineering, road and traffic engineering, water supply and distribution, sewage and storm water drainage systems, irrigation systems, industrial development projects, and the development of teaching and laboratory programs for academic and technical institutions.

The professional services offered by CEP in these areas include preliminary investigations and comprehensive research, field studies and reports, performance evaluation studies, engineering and economic feasibility studies, master planning, preliminary and detailed engineering designs for buildings and infrastructure projects, the preparation of tender documentation and the provision of construction management/quality assurance services during project construction and operation, project scheduling, monitoring and appraisal. Furthermore, CEP has been retained by a number of donor organizations to provide program management services.

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In the area of infrastructure development, CEP has been actively involved in the preparation of assessment and feasibility studies, master plans for roads, water supply and distribution, sewage collection, treatment and reuse, storm water drainage and environmental impact assessments.  In the course of these activities CEP’s staff have become very familiar with the operational modalities of Palestinian municipalities and village councils and accumulated a wealth of information and data related to the physical, institutional, regulatory and legal aspects of infrastructure planning and development including water supply and distribution activities.

CEP‘s headquarters are located in Ramallah, with permanent branch offices in Nablus and Gaza.  This arrangement enhances CEP‘s performance efficiency and enables it to conduct its activities in the various regions of the country in a timely and economic manner.

CEP has undertaken several numbers of socio-economic studies and master planning projects (both urban planning and water resources) for clients including USAID, the UNDP, Center for Refugee Studies of Canada’s York university, local village and town councils and others.


In order to meet the requirements of sound performance in research, planning, engineering and management, CEP employs about 20 people including qualified planners, architects, engineers, economists, computer scientists and technicians.  In addition to its permanent staff, CEP frequently employs part time services of experts from local universities and institutions and, when necessary, draws on the skill, expertise and technical resources of several associates throughout the world.

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