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Aerial Photography and Physical Planning for the Benefit of Bethlehem Municipality

Date: July 14, 2014 Category:
The “Global Communities” (Formerly CHF International) has commissioned CEP to carry out Preparing Aerial Photography and Physical Planning for the Benefit of Bethlehem Municipality.” towards the cost of  “local government and infrastructure Programme” (USAID).

The main objective of this project is to perform the required field surveys and studies to prepare the Physical (Master) Plan of Bethlehem City. According to the planning laws and principles in Palestine as well as the planning and origination regulations, based on the procedures and methodologies of the last version of the physical planning manual (published by the MoLG), and this including the outputs, and the specifications for the Maps, Tables, and other documents. This task contains Preparation of the spatial development framework, Developing land use plans and building regulations, as well as lands classification.



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