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Design & Supervision of Tayasir Wastewater Treatment Plant & Associated Collection And Reuse Components

Date: September 9, 2014

The collection and treatment of wastewater in the Tubas Governorate is poorly developed. This is also generally the case in the West Bank with only a few wastewater treatment plants in operation to date. In the project area, sanitation mainly consists of cesspits or septic tanks that are emptied by private tanker trucks, for further disposal in dedicated or, often, illegal disposal sites. No collection network has ever been operated in the area. A few small on-site treatment plants (wetland type) have been implemented by NGOs in Tubas and Aqqaba. However, none of these are today in operation. Other on-site household treatment units have been implemented in Tubas and Tayasir, but are also miss-functioning.

The project area covers the localities of Tubas, ‘Aqqaba, Tayasir and Al ‘Aqaba, all located in the Tubas Governorate. They are all located in the same catchment area, with the exception of the southern part of Tubas. Wastewater could therefore be collected and conveyed towards the wastewater treatment plant mainly by gravity.

The project area is intensively cultivated with irrigated vegetables (main crops are tomatoes, eggplants, onions, and potatoes) as well as fruit trees (mainly olives and almonds plantations) and there is therefore a good potential for reuse of treated sewage effluent for irrigation.


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