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Tammoun-Tubas Water Supply Project

Date: December 20, 2014

Preparation of Preliminary and Detailed Design, Preparation of Tender Documents, Assistance to Tendering Process, Supervision of Works Under Complementary Funding for Tammoun-Tubas Water Supply Project

The general objective of the project is to improve the life condition of the Palestinian living in the area by improving the quantity, quality and access to ttammoun tubashe water supply services.

The specific objectives are as follows:

i.Increase water availability for the Palestinians in the area by rehabilitation, expanding the transmission mains and distribution facilities mainly in Tubas, Aqqaba and Tayaseer.

ii.Provide piped water to unserved communities of safe quality and affordable price.

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the project includes implementing the following works:

i.Rehabilitation and expansion of Tubas and Aqqaba distribution networks and new water distribution network in Tayaseer.

ii.Replacement of connecting pipes from main pipe to the customer’s water meter including installation of pre-paid water meters in Tubas and Aqqaba.

iii.Replacement of main transmission pipeline from Kfair booster station to Aqqaba existing water tank.

iv.Extension of Tammun water distribution network.

v.Any other possible works to improve the system such as maintenance of booster stations, new booster stations and/or additional storage water tank(s).

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