Consolidation of Local Outline Plans for

Project Information

  • Years: 2022
  • Location: Massafer Yatta - Hebron

Consolidation of Local Outline Plans for Palestinian Communities in Area C – Massafer Yatta Communities

The scope of work includes the preparation of an Aerial Photo for the 12 communities, and a physical spatial land use plans according to the physical planning manual that has been prepared by the MoLG. This included: • Data collection and field visits • Assessment and analysis (including sectoral assessments for different Sectors. • Preparation of SWOT analysis, and development goals • Preparation of Expansion and densities Calculations • Preparation of development alternatives (options) • Evaluation of development alternatives, and selection of preferable option. • Strategic development framework for spatial development • Land use plans • Zoning regulations • Arrangement of public meetings and workshops • Preparation of all reports and maps for all stages. • Submit the agreed version to ICA