Regional Sewerage Ramallah Project - Ein

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Project Information

  • Years: (2023- Ongoing)
  • Location: Ramallah, Palestine.

Regional Sewerage Ramallah Project - Ein Jariot WWTP & Sewerage System

The project will be implemented for improvement of the wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure for the municipalities of Beitunia and Ramallah and to strengthen the capacities of Jerusalem Water Undertaking (PEA), the regional utility. The project consists of the following investment measures: • Construction of a regional WWTP (Ein Jariot) with a capacity of approx. 60,000 PE in Phase 1 • New construction of approx. 50 km sewer networks • Construction or rehabilitation of 7,000 house connections, main collectors (approx. 23 km), force mains (approx. 4.5 km), pumping stations, and secondary sewer lines (approx. 49 km) • Procurement of equipment and vehicles required for project implementation and operation. In addition, the project includes accompanying measures to support the client in preparing and implementing the project as well as to strengthen its capacities. Conditions of Contract: FIDIC Yellow Book for WWTP & Pink Book for sewer systems